NedGroup Investments

Nedgroup Investments is a division of Nedbank Group Ltd, one of South Africa’s largest financial services groups. Whether you are an individual investor, institutional investor, a financial planning professional, or a corporate investor you will benefit from the size, stability and experience we offer.

At Nedgroup Investments we hand pick independent managers in each fund category and partner with them to offer a range of expertly managed funds across all asset classes. This independence allows us to always put our investors first and to meet a full spectrum of investment and savings needs.

We believe that no single fund manager holds all the cards when it comes to investing. Nedgroup Investments fund managers are selected and assessed by means of our Best of Breed™ investment approach - an intensive and rigorous process that enables us to cut through all the noise and identify the top fund managers locally and abroad. Our Best of Breed ™ investment approach has a successful long-term track record of managing money for our investors.